10 Year Olds and Micro Loans

Did you know that Whole Foods sponsors writing contests for kids?  Well, I know at least our Whole Foods does.  While shopping recently I saw that they were accepting entries from kids for essays about what you would do with a micro loan.  I’m not going to lie.  Brayden wasn’t thrilled at the idea of doing more writing than what is already assigned in his homework.  What 10 year old would be?  But, we are always encouraging him to go the extra mile.  And… we told him about the $35 in prize money as well.  He actually ended up writing a really cool essay about how he would use his microloan to start a dog shelter in our backyard and he would rent the dogs out to go for walks along our walking trail, which is how he would pay the loan back.  That’s actually not a bad idea!  He won and besides the prize money I love how several employees told him how much they loved his essay.  He loves writing but 10 year olds can use all the encouragement they can get, right?


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