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In the past six years my life has changed dramatically.  Instead of double dates I’m going on play dates.  I go to Gymboree instead of the gym.  I’ve been peed on and pooped on more times then I care to remember.  A good day is when I can get out of my pajamas before my husband gets home from work.  I’ve learned the true meaning of exhaustion.  But, I’ve also learned the true meaning of love.  My eyes have been opened up to a whole new world.  I get to see things for the first time again through the eyes of my boy and girl and it’s such an incredible gift.  It’s definitely changed my outlook on life as well as my photography.

I’ve started this blog as a way to connect with other moms who love photography.  Whether you are a professional photographer who is looking for advice on how to manage your own business and your family or if you are a mom who is looking for tips on how to take better pictures of your kids, I hope that you can find some good information and be inspired!

Happy Shooting!



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  2. Jennifer says

    Hey Drew,
    I saw your post on outsourcing your editing but the link is not working. Do you know of anyone else that is good at editing so that I can outsource my work as well?

  3. bree says

    hey I love your blog . I was wondering what you shoot with ??

  4. DrewB says

    Canon 5D Mark II

  5. Megha says

    Hi Drew,

    I’m just getting into photographing my kids and always feel left out coz I’m the mom behind the lens. How do you set the camera to position urself to be in the pics with our tots. Thank you for helping me out.



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