The Feldkamp Family

There’s so much to love about this family.  And it’s not just their amazing VW van or beautiful beach house.  I mean, I won’t lie, that helped 🙂 I loved how laid back they were.  I LOVED that they let their kids climb on top of that amazing VW van.  I loved their cute boys and their awesome hair.  I loved the way those boys love snuggling with their beautiful mama.  And I loved the way they all loved each other.

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The Harris Family

Oh, hey there poor neglected blog.  Do people even read blogs anymore?  I’m not sure, but if you’re here reading this hi! Nice to see you.

I took a little photography hiatus in 2017.  I called it a retirement.  However, it was short lived so now I’m calling it a sabbatical.  I’m going to be shooting a little in 2018.  Not as much as years past.  I’m going to try and figure out what works for me and my family.  Because my main job is being an Uber driver to my two very busy kiddos.

But, back to pictures.  This family is from Kennedy’s dance studio although we have several more connections besides that.  Stephanie is the dance mom I’d most like to be like.  Her daughters are talented and beautiful, but most importantly kind and incredibly smart.  I sat next to her one day and said, “Okay.  Tell me everything you’ve done to raise such awesome kids.  I want all your secrets.” She gives her hard working kids most of the credit, but I’m still waiting for all of Stephanie’s secrets.

I was so excited to photograph older kids because I didn’t have to bribe anyone with gummy bears.  And then they asked to bring their THREE dogs. However, this ended up to be great because I got to bring Brayden along to assist.  If you book a shoot with me this year you just might see Brayden tagging along with me because he’s a great assistant!  He’s helped on a couple of other shoots and he makes my job SO much easier.  And I love getting to spend time with that kid.  He’s awesome. And so is this family!

The Moore Family

When Nichole told me they were driving out from Vegas just for this shoot I tried to talk her out of it. Surely there is a photographer in Las Vegas that would do a great job. I mean, these are some of my favorite clients, but it’s a lot of pressure! I’m so happy Nichole didn’t listen to me because I needed this shoot. I needed to shoot happiness and love and fun. I needed clients who let me do my thing and trust me completely. And I just loved getting to hang out with them. It’s a special connection you have to clients when you have shot their engagement session, wedding, newborn and now the maternity session for their next baby. Can’t wait to find out if Tucker is getting a baby brother or a baby sister!

Rachel – Senior Session

I think everything happens for a reason and while it is a bummer our original shoot location didn’t work out I think our alternate location wasn’t all that bad. Rachel is a high school senior from Texas. She’s hoping to attend college in California next Fall. She has big dreams of working for the Walt Disney Company after she graduates. Perhaps making films. I think it’s very appropriate that when I was editing these images my daughter kept calling Rachel “Ariel”. Although the beach was not her first choice for a location for her session I do think it was the perfect location because she really does look like a real life Ariel.

Best of luck with graduation, Rachel! Enjoy every second of this special time!