UNmanual / UNediting Guide Sale

Recently on Instagram I’ve had people comment about my images.  That they are better than ever.  That they are kind of on a new level.  I think it’s a factor of a couple of things.


First, I’m not stressed.  This time of year is typically crazy for a photographer.  Rarely would I ever pick up my big camera to take pictures of my kids.  Finding time to take their Halloween pictures was always a nightmare.  Everything was so last minute.  But, last Spring I decided that I wasn’t going to do that to myself this year.  Taking Christmas card pictures is my least favorite thing to do.  So I just didn’t book those sessions this year.  I’m lucky that I can cut back.  And it’s made me so much happier.  I think you can see that in my images.


Also, I’d say 90% of what I’m posting to Instagram is from my big camera.  I always felt this pressure to get the shot with my iPhone.  Like I earned some badge when I could say that I took the shot with my phone.  When I would take the shot with my phone I’d also want to get one with my big camera just because the quality is so much better.  I also recently joined a stock photography site and I want those everyday moments so I can submit them there.  So, I ditched the pressure to get the shot with my phone and it’s another thing that makes me so happy.  I can get the shot with my phone.  But, I can get a better shot with my big camera.


And I can get a better shot with my big camera because I shoot in manual mode.  I know so many Mom*togs that get frustrated because the image they take isn’t what they envisioned in their heads.  I know my camera well enough that I can tell it what I want it to do rather than it doing what it wants.  Aperture and Shutter priority are great starting points, but the end goal should be manual.


If you are interested in learning how to shoot manual along with really understanding different lighting situations and how to embrace the light you have check out the UNmanual.  It’s half off today and today only!

And if you are interested in learning how to edit your images in Photoshop check out the UNediting Guide.  It’s on sale as well.  Hope your Thanksgiving was great!



Chicken Nuggets

I haven’t blogged much about our chickens because I kind of hated them for awhile.  Like majorly regretted the decision to get chickens because all they did was poop and run away from us.  And then they started laying eggs and they got really nice.  I didn’t think we would use too many of their eggs, but we eat all of them.  We haven’t even had extras yet to gift family or friends.  I believe three out of our four chickens are now laying.  The fourth should start laying any day now.  And that’s our second ameraucana.  I hope she lays blue or green eggs!

Brayden LOVES our chickens.  Probably because they are a living relative of dinosaurs.  We let them out to free range for a few minutes once or twice a day and he’s very protective of them.  And the only one who can get them back in their coop.  Because I’m not picking them up if I don’t have to.

*** All shots taken with Canon 5D Mark II, 35 1.4

IMG_7452 copy IMG_7459 copy IMG_7462 copy IMG_7473 copy

IMG_7486 copy

This shot was taken when it was practically dark out.  We were so excited about getting our first pink egg that I had to get a shot.  It was shot at F 1.4, 1/30, ISO 1600.  I’m surprised I could get Kennedy to stand still long enough to get a shot that wasn’t blurry.

IMG_8069 copy

Princess Ruby

Kennedy loves Ruby’s Diner.  Kennedy loves princesses.  Whenever we go to Ruby’s she intently studies the pictures of “Princess” Ruby on the menu.  She asks so many questions about her.  Why does she have black hair?  Why she so happy?  Why she have a bow in her hair?  What flavor milkshake she carrying?  When she asked to be Princess Ruby for Halloween I was ecstatic.  Mostly because I knew it would be super fun to take pictures :)


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Harry and Hedwig

Brayden and I read the first two Harry Potter books this Summer.  He loved them, but asked to stop after book 2.  Too scary.  But not too scary to be Harry for Halloween.  The best part was that his baby cousin surprised him and dressed up as Hedwig the owl.  You can see the video on Instagram :)  Having your own real live owl is just like being Harry Potter.

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