The UNmanual

The UNmanual is a guide that explains why your DSLR camera does what it does… in English.  When I got my first DSLR camera, I sat with my camera in one hand and my manual in the other.  I quickly realized that the manual was written in a foreign language that I could not understand.  I then enrolled in a community college photography course.  After most classes, I walked out more confused than when I had started.  One day I sat down with both my camera manual and my textbooks determined to understand how my camera really works.  And I realized everyone was complicating the subject much more than I needed it to be!  There’s no need for mathematical formulas or crazy charts.  Once you break down the information you need to know and forget the information you don’t need, shooting in manual really isn’t that complicated!

The UNmanual is for beginner photographers who want to take control of their cameras.  In the guide you will learn about your camera, what settings I shoot on and why, and how to shoot on manual while properly exposing an image.  You will also learn about lighting and how to create ideal lighting situations.  It is filled with pictures and examples!  The information in the UNmanual is exactly what is covered in my mentoring sessions as well as in the Mom*tog Pro sessions which I no longer offer.  I am a Canon shooter, so the information in the guide is geared towards those with Canon cameras.  I did my best to include the comparable settings for Nikon shooters.

The UNmanual is priced at $95.  You will receive an instantly downloadable file as well as a hard copy of the guide that will be mailed (with room for you to make your own notes!).

I’m very excited about the UNmanual and hope that it helps you gain the confidence you need to take your camera off of Auto!

*** If you would like your hard copy of the UNmanual for Christmas, your order must be placed no later than December 16 at 2pm PST!

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The UNposing Guide

The UNposing Guide was inspired when people and photographers started asking me how I get such natural looking family shots. I’ll be the first to admit it. Posing is not my strong point. So, from the beginning of my business instead of trying to get my clients to look like models by posing them, I focused on capturing each client being themselves. I wanted to find what was unique and fun about each family. I realized that on each shoot I was using the same techniques to get families to have fun and loosen up. I started naming them so I would remember them easily while I was out shooting. And that’s where the UNposes were born.

What is an UNpose? It’s a means to get to the reactions and interactions I want from my clients. It’s a way to break the habit of saying “Cheese!”. And a way to break the ice. Every time I use an UNpose I get different results because each family is unique and different. I love capturing families being themselves at that particular stage in their lives. I don’t want to pose them and make them something they’re not. Sometimes it’s the UNpose I want to photograph and other times it’s the reaction from the UNpose I want. Both are great for capturing relaxed and natural family sessions!

The UNposing Guide is geared towards you Pro Mom*togs, both beginner and advanced. Besides containing 21 UNposes and pictures it also has helpful tips and tricks to prepare your clients and get them to have fun.

The UNposing Guide is priced at $95 and is an instantly downloadable document. It’s sized at 4×6 so you can either print it out on your home printer or at your favorite lab. Simply punch a hole in the corner and secure a metal ring or ribbon in the hole so you can keep it on you for reference. You can also download it to your smart phone for quick and easy reference while out on the go.  The names of the UNposes are catchy making them easy to remember so when you’re out shooting there’s no more struggling with “What do I have my clients do next?”.

I really hope this opens up a fun new way to think about family sessions and challenges you to take your photography to the next level! Happy shooting and have fun! Remember, if you’re having fun your clients will have fun too!!!

What Mom*togs are saying about the Unposing Guide:

“I purchased the unposing guide last night.  It is a great resource!  I will be taking it along with me to my upcoming shoots this weekend. Thanks for putting it together and offering it to the public.  I love the design of it.”  Wendy Vonrosen

“Drew’s posing guide is by far the BEST thing I’ve come across for capturing more of the lifestyle photography that I and my clients love. It’s definitely an investment worth making!” – Jenny Collier

“I simply a.dor.e the Unposing Guide. It is brilliant, beautiful, encouraging, and most of all will make taking pictures so much more relaxing and fun for the families and the photographer.
Drew! you are amazing and extravagantly generous to share your tips!
Seriously, think of the zillions of families who will be hanging up better, more natural, happy, real pictures up on their walls and mantles thanks to your help!
I big puffy heart Drew!!!”  Julie Carson

“Love, Love the unposing guide! I’ve already sent it off to print. Thank you Drew for your fabulous tips and your generosity. You rock!”  Andrea H.

“LOVE this unposing guide!!! It’s exactly what I needed, and you did such a beautiful job of creating it Drew!
Thank you, and keep up the good work!”  Trisha

“I downloaded you guide the other day. I have a holiday shoot this weekend. I cannot wait to use your tips and suggestions. While I picked up a few on my own over time, it always helps to get more ideas from such a talented person. Now you should come up with one for couples and weddings.”  Cara

“I love it! Awesome ideas, beautiful pictures, easy to take with you….LOVE IT! Highly recommend!”  Rachael Patterson de Azevedo

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