1. Noel says

    too cute! Girls are awesome!

  2. terri says

    ooohhh i just absolutely love love love this! congrats on your new little girl!!!!

  3. Lauren says

    I have been wanting to watch this since you posted it, Congrats! We have the opposite, girl than boy, either way, whatever we are each blessed with, its wonderful! Congrats… and this video is amazing! I loved it! You are just too cute and so creative!

  4. Brooke says

    Drew, this is seriously so darling!! Congrats on your baby girl, yeah!!!

  5. just a quick note to let you know that i LOVE LOVE LOVE this! i am due in january with Baby #2 (already have my girl;) and am totally stealing your idea! i love the font you used…mind sharing font name/size!!!
    Thanks and Good Luck!!!

  6. Erin says

    I found this on Pintrest – it’s so pretty. Love the video and a lovely keepsake 🙂

  7. chelly says

    What did you use for the line to hang them up on I wonder? Is it wire?

  8. Shannon says

    Love it! What song is that?

  9. susan hamilton says

    i ended up recreating this to announce our 2nd baby’s gender (it ended up being another girl). i used wire for mine because that’s what i thought she used and it turned out fine! the song is whole wide world by mindy gledhill.